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The concept of Tropical Design found at the Hotel Santa Teresa brings together Brazil’s rich past and dynamic present using only the finest natural elements. Luxury linen, wild cotton, coconut and banana tree fibres, tropical woods, Portuguese tile, black , green and golden slate and burnt cement permeate throughout the Hotel’s charming social areas and luxurious accommodations. Design furniture and art pieces created by renowned contemporary Brazilian designers and artists such as Sergio Rodriguez, Zemog, Studio Vitty, Rock Lane, Carassa and Oficina de Agosto, elegantly blend with the restored colonial architecture. The Té rèze Restaurant, casual, yet sophisticated, makes use of recycled materials, including demolition wood furniture and restored, treated canvas, lending way to an Eco-Chic ambiance. Just across from the Restaurant, the Bar dos Descasados Lounge has a Bohemian-Boutique aura brought out by the red and white-tiled floor, brick arches and comfortable, over-sized arm chairs, sofas and dorsel lounge beds. Every element, all materials, the design furniture and works of art have been selected and integrated into the Boutique Hotel Santa Teresa?s facilities to provide atmosphere and comfort while holding true to Brazil’s ethnic heritage.

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Rua Almirante Alexandrino
660 - Santa Teresa

Cep: 20241 260
Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brasil
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